Wireless Dog Fence Reviews – How to Use Them to Your Advantage

If you have been looking for a way to keep your dog on your own property without having to erect an expensive and unattractive chain-link fence, and have been online reading wireless fence reviews, you’ll know that the new wireless electric fence for dogs is the hottest thing going at the moment. The wireless pet containment system on the market today is a close relative to the electric fence that homeowners have used and appreciated for decades. It shares with its predecessor the need for the dog to wear a collar with prongs that make contact with his neck and conduct electricity for the purpose of correcting him if he moves too close to the boundary of his designated containment area. Likewise, it, too, emits a beep to warn the dog when he is approaching the boundary, giving him the opportunity to avoid the correction. As was the case with the electric fence collars, the level of correction is adjustable.

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There are differences as well, the most notable being that there is no actual electric fence with a wireless system. Instead, there is a transmitter that is plugged into an electrical outlet indoors, that emits a circular boundary signal, the diameter of which the homeowner can adjust to suit his needs. The dog is trained with flags to recognize the area beyond which he cannot go. Unlike the electric fence, this system is portable. The containment area changes according to where the transmitter is located, and the entire system can be taken and used in other places such as campgrounds, relative’s homes, etc. Where, with the electric fence, the dog learns his unchanging boundaries, and rarely activates his collar, with the wireless fence, the dog learns to listen for the collar’s beep and to stop when he hears it. This occasionally presents a problem when the power goes out, for the dog won’t hear the beep and will keep on going. Fortunately, the system comes with an alarm to alert the owner if the electricity to the transmitter is interrupted, whether due to an outage or because it was accidentally unplugged.

Many people have already purchased and used a wireless dog containment system, and have written reviews online about their experiences. Those contemplating the purchase of a wireless fence, whether a wireless fence for large dogs or a wireless fence for small dogs have much to gain by carefully studying the available wireless fence reviews. Use the following suggestions to help you get the most out of the wireless dog fence reviews such as the one of the Stay and Play wireless fence you read on this website.

  • For starters, realize that some reviews are bogus. Some websites actually pay people to write reviews for products to inflate their ratings. However, careful reading generally provides the reader with a sense of who has actually used the product, so read with discernment.
  • Have a notepad handy, and draw a line down the center of the page. Write “Pros” on the left and “Cons” on the right, and jot down notes in the appropriate columns as you read.
  • Look for specific reviews electric dog fence cost where details of the user’s experience are shared. Some sites, such as Amazon, allow readers to ask questions. Utilize this feature if it seems likely it will be useful to you to do so.
  • Look for reviewers who have dogs and/or circumstances similar to your own. For example, if you have a strong-willed dog that likes to figure out ways around restrictions, pay special attention to the reviews of those who claim to have similar dogs.  Radio dog fence If it worked for them, it’s likely to work for you. If you have an oddly shaped lot, read with care the reviews of those like yourself.
  • Read reviews from more than one site. You’ll get a broader range of user experiences this way. Don’t forget the professional review sites such as Consumer Reports!
  • Realize that some people are never happy, so if you encounter a review that seems excessively negative, don’t automatically give it too much credit unless you see a large number of negative reports.


Where once people tended to trust person to person and word-of-mouth recommendations more than any other form of advertising, today the most trustworthy source of info is online reviews. A recent survey showed that a whopping 88% of Americans trust online recommendations as much as personal referrals from friends and/or family! And 84% of people use online reviews to assist them in making purchasing decisions. Many people are inherently amazon dog fence conscious of the fact that their opinions about a product are valuable to others, and so when they find a product that they love (or one that they hate) they will often go out of their way to take the time to write a review. In this way, people are able to share their opinions and make informed decisions. Most people find that a thoughtful reading of available reviews is extremely helpful when they are contemplating a purchase.

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