Underground Dog Fence Reviews Show How Effective Option

Sometimes, it can be hard to keep your dog safely in your yard. Dogs can get injured or lost if they wander away from home. Your dog may run out into the street and get hit by a car. This could lead to expensive veterinary bills and possibly life-threatening injuries. It could even cause a car accident if someone swerves or slams on the brakes to avoid hitting it!
If your dog gets too far from home, it may become scared and not know how to find its way back. It might get an invisible electric fence attacked by another animal, or hurt someone else’s pet. Some dogs may even bite humans if they are too scared or provoked. If your dog attacks someone else or hurts another person’s pet, you may be held responsible for paying for any medical care required. In some cases, your dog might even be taken by authorities or put down! It is much safer to keep your dog restricted to your own property, where it will be safe and protected.


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Many people use electric fences to protect their animals and set boundaries for how far they can roam. There are many underground dog fence reviews indicating that other people have had fantastic results by using underground fencing. These work well for smaller breeds of dogs that might get hurt by above-ground electric fences or can escape underneath traditional fences. An Innotek in-ground fence is safe for pets that weigh as little as five pounds. This is also a good option for dogs that like to jump over hurdles and may easily clear even a tall fence. A slight electric jolt will remind a dog to stay within its boundaries if the dog crosses over the fence.

Why Is An Underground Dog Fence Useful?

The best underground dog fence will allow you to relax and know that your dog is safely confined within the limits of your yard. These fences will discourage your dog from passing the boundaries that you set, and they will offer a slight electric jolt as a reminder to your pet of its boundaries. This keeps your dog safe from any in-ground electric dog fence busy streets or traffic. It also means that your dog will not run away or chase after other animals that it may see outside of the yard. In some cases, a highly excited dog may pass over an electric fence without stopping, but such instances are fairly uncommon.

If you are concerned that your dog might wander off and get lost, an underground dog fence wire will help remind above ground dog fence them to stay at home. A scared dog may sometimes act aggressively towards others or attack other animals that come too close. The last thing you want is for your animal to hurt someone else. Underground fencing not only protects your dog from the world, but it also protects the world from your dog.

How Does an Underground Dog Fence Work?

Underground dog fences involve using underground dog fence wire to form a perimeter around the area where you wish to contain your dog. It does not have to be in straight lines or right angles– you are free to design your border however you wish. Some people choose to block their dogs from accessing their gardens, fish ponds and pools. Most underground fence reviews are happy with the amount of customization available with these fences.

The electric wire is buried underneath the ground, making it unobtrusive and out of the way. Your dog will wear an Innotek dog collar that has a receiver inside. If the dog gets too close to the fencing line, it will be warned with a high-pitched sound. If your dog doesn’t sport dog wireless dog fence stop and continues over the boundary, it will get jolted by a light shock. This will not harm healthy wireless pet containment system manual dogs that weigh over five pounds, but it shouldn’t be used on dogs with heart problems without consulting with your veterinarian first. A dog must be trained to use the new underground fence and shown where its limits are. This usually isn’t very difficult, and most dogs pick up on the boundary easily. Many times, a dog will learn its boundaries and not even need to wear the receiver anymore.

Generally speaking, underground dog fences range in price from $50-$300. Some styles offer a larger boundary area. Though expensive, an underground fence is worthwhile to keep your dog safe and avoid any unfortunate accidents. Veterinary bills can be expensive, and the last thing you want is for your pet to get hurt. Not to mention, if your dog injures someone else, you could have to pay for medical care and even be sued. Some dogs may even be taken and put to sleep if they attack another person or animal! Keep your pet safe at home is the best way to ensure safety for everyone.

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