In-Depth Review of the PetSafe Yardmax Underground Fence

If you own a dog, you are aware of how important it is for them to get a proper amount of exercise and freedom outdoors. The best way to solve this problem is by purchasing an underground fence for your pet.

PetSafe Yardmax is one of the best options available to you for numerous reasons. Overall, it is a quality fence that will give your dog a safer, a more secure and larger area to run and play in. As long as your dog is over 10 pounds, he or she can enjoy this incredible invisible fence. Learn why the YardMax is worth considering as we navigate through the ins-and-outs of this in-ground fence.

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PerfectFit and ReadyTest Features Give You Peace of Mind

The Yardmax fence includes a PerfectFit and ReadyTest feature that, together, alert you if your dog’s collar is not working properly. You can also check if it is working, so you always have peace of mind regarding your dog’s safety. This is a pretty good feature to have because not all dog fences include it.

The Fence Can Be Customized for Your Dog’s Individual Needs

Whether you have a small or large dog, it does not matter. The fence can be customized to your dog’s size and temperament. The great thing about this fence is that there are up to five different static correction levels that you can choose from, so it is perfect for any type of dog. There is also a beep only option that you can use to start out training your dog, both of which have been reviewed positively.

Run Through Prevention Guarantees Your Dog Receives Correction

Many past users agree that the PetSafe Yardmax rechargeable underground fence is one of the best around because its wireless invisible fence review guarantees your dog receives correction in a safe but effective way. The run through prevention feature gives you the security of knowing your dog will receive the proper amount of correction if he or she tries to get past the fence. While this is true, there is also a safety time out feature that promises your dog will not receive more than 15 seconds of static correction at a time.

Battery Life Lasts A Long Time for the Collar

The battery life for the collar lasts from three to five years. That is a pretty long battery life, so this is a great feature to add to the product. However, the only downside to this is that once the battery life is up, you have the best wireless invisible dog fence to purchase another replacement, which runs over $100. While this may seem pricy for a replacement battery, it is completely worth it considering the overall quality of the fence. If, for some reason, the battery went out prior the three to five-year limit, as long as it goes out within one year of purchase, you will have a free replacement. If you have any issues with another part of the product, this warranty applies to that as well.

Especially Great for Those With Smaller Yards

While the PetSafe Yardmax PIG00-11115 is a quality fence for anyone, it is especially great for smaller yards. If you own 10 acres or less, this fence will give your dog as much space as possible for the amount of yard you have. It can be hard to use other underground fences when you do not have much space for your dog to the best wireless dog containment system reviews run around. This quality is the one thing reviewers love the most about this fence. It makes use of space that other underground fences do not, making the money you spend on the product worth it.

Alarm Sounds If Wires Break

Another great security feature for this system is that if for any reason one of the pet safe wireless dog fence wires break in the fence, an alarm will sound to notify you there is a break in the system. If this happens, the most common cause if because some type of rodent has chewed through the wire, not because of a failure in the actual product.

Your Dog Will Learn How It Works Quickly

While the company who makes this product claims it will take about two weeks for your dog to learn how the fence works and what his or her boundaries are, most reviewers claim their dog learned within one to two days. That is a pretty quick learning process. The company likely says two weeks for the rare cases where a dog takes a bit longer to learn how it works and why he or she cannot pass through the fence without correction.

With the only real negative complaint being the fact that the battery must be replaced after three to five years, the overall PetSafe Yardmax reviews are positive. This product guarantees to keep your pet safe in the yard and also uses the most space possible, so you get the most out of the money you paid for the product. This fence comes highly recommended by many, and if you are in need of a fence, the PetSafe PIG00-11115 is a good one for your home.

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