Is PetSafe Stubborn Dog In – Ground Fence The Answer For Your Dog?

Anyone who has ever had a dog who thinks they are an escape artist knows the value of a good dog containment system. Dogs that get out of their yards can pose a big liability if they act aggressively toward other people. Even gentle, friendly dogs out on their own can pose a big problem.

No one wants the beloved family pet to be attacked by other animals or hit by a vehicle. Personalized dog collars Even if they do not come to harm, they can be picked up by animal control officers. The considerable time spent looking for escaped dogs is also a factor. But, what if you could install a system around the dog’s yard area that would keep him or her in the yard without escape episodes?

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What Is An In-Ground Pet Containment System?

There is a new pet control system available for owners of a stubborn dog who keeps finding ways over, under and around fencing meant to keep them in. This type of system consists of wires buried underground around the perimeter of the dog’s yard and connected to a control box. The dog is fitted with a collar that can pick up a signal from those buried wires as it gets close to the edge of the yard. The collar has prongs on the inner side that the invisible electric fence delivers the charge. When the dog is close to his or her boundaries the collar beeps a warning. If they keep going a safe static correction tells them to stop and stay in their boundaries. This system usually takes about two weeks to train a dog. The correction level in the collar can be adjusted to the strength that safely works for each dog.

When a pet owner purchases the PetSafe stubborn dog in-ground fence system it includes:

  • An easy to follow operating and training manual
  • 500 + or – feet of 20- gauge boundary wire
  • 50 boundary training flags
  • A transmitter with a power adapter
  • A surge protector
  • The dog’s receiver collar with a nine-volt alkaline battery
  • Wire nuts and a test light tool
  • Gel-filled capsules
  • Instructional video
  • A one year and limited lifetime warranty

Why Choose The PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence (PIG00-10777)?

This PetSafe Stubborn Dog in-ground fence system comes out on tops in customer reviews because it works on strong-minded and larger dogs. Both the PetSafe stubborn dog collar reviews and the PetSafe stubborn dog in-ground fence reviews are mostly positive. The popular features of this system include:

  • A customer support system on the website
  • The vibration option available for hearing challenged dogs
  • The option of four higher strength settings for larger, stubborn, or hard-to-train dogs
  • The collar fits neck sizes between six and twenty-eight inches
  • The system is meant for dogs of eight pounds and larger
  • The in-ground wires cover 1/3 acre and there are additional wire packages to cover up to 25 acres.
  • This system works for multiple pets, just purchase more collars.
  • The receiver collars are waterproof.
  • The battery in the collar is a disposable PetSafe 9-volt alkaline battery.
  • Most dogs train within two weeks to stay within the marked boundaries.

Pet owners like the fact that there are four adjustable correction levels so they can experiment to find the lowest level that works for their dog. This system is the strongest one on the market for those owners that have especially hard to train dogs. Pet owners like the fact that the underground fencing system is compatible with other PetSafe collars and works with multiple pets. Each pet has the correct type of collar for its size and temperament. Another plus with this system is that the collars work with indoor PetSafe pods as well.

The Negative Aspects of This System

The negative PetSafe stubborn dog fence review entries list the almost $190.00 cost as high for a single dog. While it may seem so, the safety of your dog is paramount.  A less robust system, while slightly cheaper, would allow a stubborn dog to stray beyond the boundaries exposing him/her to many potential dangers.

Other negative reviews list the fact that the batteries are disposable rather than rechargeable. This is not a major issue since the batteries are so long lasting. The system is meant for larger dogs and shouldn’t be used for small breeds.

It is necessary for owners of multiple dogs to purchase collars from different systems for each dog. Not every dog needs the same correction level to have the system work.  As such, it only makes sense to get a different collar for a different dog.  PetSafe offers the two-dog option and any of the in-ground fence dog collars will work for one or both dogs if replacements are ever needed.  Most people limit themselves to one to two dogs so it isn’t an issue for most.  If you need the 2-dog option, check it out here.

Another bone of contention concerns the warranty. After the one year warranty expires, the charges for repairs can be between $30 and $50 which many people find prohibitive. There is no available battery backup for the system control box. If the owner is not careful with settings and uses too high a setting, the system can overwhelm the dog and even become counterproductive.  It seems that most of the negative aspects of this system can be overcome by the careful reading of the instruction manual and matching the system to the size and temperament of the dog.


The good reviews for this dog containment system seem to far outweigh negative reviews. Overall, this is rated as a very good system for larger breeds and stubborn dogs. It is definitely a plus that the fencing system is compatible with other PetSafe collars within the in-ground fence range. This is a system that is designed for and works very well for dogs requiring particularly those needing strong correction levels or have low sensitivity to pain. For additional information, please visit the website.

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