Why You Need a PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence

Your dog’s safety is the most important thing. It can be stressful to let the animal outside and not be one hundred percent positive they are safe and secure at all times. With the pet safe stay and play wireless fence, you will always have the comfort of knowing the dogs will stay within the boundaries of the fence. It is a quality fence allowing dogs plenty of room to run around and exercise in the yard, while also keeping them contained to a certain area. Pet owners are sure to appreciate it for a number of reasons but beware of a few drawbacks as well.

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The PIF00-12917 Fence Works With Any Size Dog

The great thing about the PIF00-12917 is that it is not like other fences. Most competitors only offer fences for medium to large-sized dogs. This is what makes the PetSafe so unique. It is suitable for animals as small as five pounds. This means it is accommodating for your smaller pets, as well as your medium and large ones. Many worry about placing their smaller dogs in a correction fence like this for fear of their health and safety, but this one is completely suitable for tiny animals.

It Is Great for Small Spaces and Large Spaces

Another excellent feature about the PetSafe fence is that it also accommodates those who have smaller yards. Most of these fences are great for medium to large yards, but this fence is great for both. If the yard is smaller, the fence will fit the amount of space perfectly, not wasting any of the space you do have and making full use of the money put into the product. If the yard is larger or if one wants to expand the fence, all that needs to be done is for them to purchase another wireless fence unit Remote Dog Training Collar and add it on. Most people tend to do grand opening this if they have more than one dog or if they move to a home with a larger yard than at their prior residence.

It Is Great For the Home And For Traveling

This PetSafe Stay and Play review is positive when it comes to how easy this fence makes life both at home and while traveling. It is simple to set up at home, working with any size yard, as mentioned above. However, what is unique about this product is that it is very easy to travel with. The fence is mobile, making it simple to pack up and take anywhere. This means you can go on vacation or on a work trip and bring downtown area  the dog without having to worry about where he or  Fair Park she is and if they are safe or not. In fact, because there is no wiring involved in the installation process, you can even take the pets on picnics or to the beach and have boundaries of where he or she can go. That is a pretty incredible feature. The installation for the product is so easy, it will be set up within minutes, making traveling with the dog a simple task.

All About the PetSafe Correction Levels for Your Pet

There are plenty of correction levels offered with this product that makes it easy to train your dog, regardless of their temperament or size. With five levels of correction, there is also a tone-only option to begin the training process. There are flags that come with the fence to set up Craft beer the boundary points. Warning signals will be given to the dog if he or she gets close to the flags and then a correction will be given if the invisible fence pass the warning zone. When it comes to PetSafe PIF 300 vs Stay static correction and Play and correction levels, many reviewers have complained that the Stay and Play correction levels are more severe than the PIF 300 version. However, this fence has been tested for safety and guarantees it is not hurting the dog, but it is only correcting him or her enough to be aware that he or she is doing something wrong.

The Fence Comes With Rechargeable Collars

The PetSafe fence comes with two rechargeable collars which is especially great if more than one dog will be using the fence. If only one pet will use it, you now have two collars that can be used for the daytime and then the other at night. There is an alarm on the chargers that will warn you when the battery is low and needs charging, so you will never fully run out of battery power.

This PetSafe PIF00-12917 review is, overall, a positive one. The fence is  Market square completely portable, making life as a pet owner Full Digital access easier at home and away from home. If you are in need of a good fence to keep the dogs safe, this is a great option.

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