Keep Your Dog Safe with a Havahart Wireless Fence

Keeping their pet safe is one of the top priorities for dog owners. Dogs often become part of the family, making their safety, comfort and well-being just as important as their human’s. Keeping a dog safe, especially an adventurous one can be a challenge for many people.

Fencing is a solution that is great for containing a dog within a yard or other boundary. Traditional fencing, however, is not always a viable option. Some neighborhoods have rules against putting up a privacy fence. Another downfall is that some dogs are very good diggers and can escape under a fence in no time, leaving them exposed to all of the aforementioned dangers. The Havahart wireless fence is a great alternative to other types of fencing.

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How It Works

The Havahart wireless dog fence uses a wireless transmitter that communicates with flags placed around the yard. Its purpose is to train the dog to stay within a set area. The pet owner can use the flags to create the boundary they feel is safest for their dog.

A wireless containment system also requires the dog to wear a special collar that connects to the transmitter wirelessly. When the dog gets too close to the boundary, the collar will warn the dog humanely using a beeping sound.

If the dog proceeds outside the boundaries of the Havahart radial wireless fence, it will receive a static shock until it has safely returned within the yard. The owner has the ability to adjust the intensity of the correction given by the collar.

Benefits of Owning a Havahart System

The advantages of a wireless electric dog fence are numerous. One is the ease of installation. Some pet containment systems require many hours of digging and placing hundreds of feet of wire into the ground to make the boundary. Installing the Havahart system requires no digging. All you have to do is choose the area you wish to contain the dog within, place the flags to create the barrier, put the collar on the dog, and turn on the transmitter. It is so simple that almost anyone can do it. It generally takes only an hour to set up from the time you open the box to the time you are ready to turn it on.

Another benefit is the safety features that accompany the Havahart wireless containment system. According to wireless dog fence reviews, Havahart is a leader in safety. The owner is able to customize the level of correction that goes to the dog’s collar. You can choose either tone only correction or static correction and there are six different settings available. The Havahart system also has a wider trigger zone of six to thirteen feet to keep your dog away from any potential dangers as you see fit. You will also be alerted by the system within your home by an audible warning if your dog has breached the boundary or is getting too close. There is also a safety time out of thirty seconds so your dog will not be corrected overly long when it returns to the yard.

Collar Features

The collar that comes with the system is very sophisticated yet simple to use. It is water resistant which keeps it functioning regardless of any splashes from outside puddles or water from your dog’s water bowl. It is not completely waterproof, so be sure not to completely submerge it in any liquid.

The collar also comes with a rechargeable battery. This is a great feature because you will not have to spend extra money replacing batteries over the life of the system. Battery life will depend on the level of activity of your dog and how long you leave the system on. It is not recommended that the collar be worn for more than twelve hours at a time. On average, the battery will last one to three days. Two batteries are included with the system, which is very convenient. This way you can always have one charged and ready to go.

Since the Havahart system can control up to two different collars, the system allows you to name each collar. This will allow the owner to keep track of the customization of each dog’s collar and ensures that the collars will not get mixed up.

Cost of a Havahart System

Even after reading the many outstanding wireless pet fence reviews, some dog owners are wary of investing in the system because they believe it will be too expensive. The Havahart system is actually very affordable. It costs approximately $300 which includes all materials and shipping. When compared to traditional fencing that can cost thousands of dollars, the wireless Havahart system is the clear choice for budget-conscious pet owners. Unlike traditional privacy fences, if you ever move or go on vacation, the Havahart system can very easily travel along with you, allowing your dog to be safe anywhere you go. You also will not have to pay the upkeep costs associated with wood or chain link fences.

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