Do GPS Dog Fences Work? What is the Best GPS Tracker For Your Dog?

Do you have trouble in losing out your dog when you take him for a walk? Are you tired of running behind your dog every time you are out? Then you need to invest a ample of money on the dog fence. One of the best way to track your dog location and protect them is to purchase a best GPS Dog fence.

Choose the best GPS Dog Fence solution for monitoring your pets easily. See how to choose, set geofence with GPS tracker, how to track dogs in real-time and keep dogs safe with the digital way.

You can set boundaries for your dog with GPS wireless dog fences. You are not limited to the circular radius that has been standard throughout the marketplace of wireless dog fence. With the GPS, you can also track your dog so you can know exactly where they are at all times. If your dog happens to exceed the containment system guidelines, this is especially useful. Before the problem gets any worse, you will be able to get out your tracking system and locate your dog.

There are very few GPS dog fence systems available on the market now, but you need to be selective about the items you purchase because it’s a pretty new technology. Take customer ratings into account, since this is one of the best metrics for products that are already in the early stage of success. We’ve rounded up some of the best systems out there for GPS pet containment, and we’re about to dive into our favorite products.

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GPS Dog Fence – Must-Have Features

You will notice that the tracking devices and solutions have different types, features, sizes, prices and so on when it comes to selecting GPS trackers for dogs. From a range of GPS dog fence solutions, it’s difficult to pick the best one directly.

Check out the GPS dog fence’s must-have functionality, helping you conveniently pick the solution to track your pets.

Real-time tracking: allow you to track the real-time location of your dogs with the real-time tracking system

Geofence set: create a geofence for your dogs on maps that works in a real-world geographic area

Instant alerts: send you instant alerts once your dogs move beyond the geofence boundaries

Generally, those functions have to be used in a stable GPS dog fence solution. If you get more benefits from the approach, that will be easier. It just depends on the requirements and what is necessary for you and your dogs.

If you just use the geo-fence feature for your pets, so there is no reason to spend too much money on a GPS tracking device that provides all kinds of features. Or, again, you’re never going to suggest and pick a portable GPS tracker or other large gadget to connect to the collar or arms of your pets, right?

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Benefits of GPS Dog Tracker

No More Worry About Wandering Dogs

This is potentially one of the key reasons why the GPS tracker for dogs is becoming increasingly popular among pet owners. First, set a geofence for your pets, and if they step outside the designated area, get immediate alerts.

The functionality of real-time monitoring is supported by almost all GPS dog trackers. And if your dogs have run away, to get their home right, you can quickly locate their tracks and locations. Effectively saving you time and stress, never having to think about losing your dogs.

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Monitor Your Dogs’ Health

The fitness level and health status of dogs can be tracked by certain GPS trackers. You can see the statistics of the heart rate, exercise, etc. of dogs, and keep them in good condition for age or weight.

The GPS tracker for dogs will simply be attached to the collar or carrier of your dogs, unlike the pet microchip that has to be put within their body. It won’t irritate the skin and doesn’t have a bad impact on the health of dogs.

You may have a small yard, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to have to leash the dogs in the range. For this, the GPS dog fencing is called the best solution. With this, the dogs are free to play outside, and you don’t have to worry about losing them. GPS tracking systems typically have more other helpful functionality allowing you to take care of your dogs in addition to the geo-fence.

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How to Set Geofence for Your Dogs

You can set an invisible fence for your dogs with the geofence functionality, and get frequent information when they step out of the boundary. How to configure the dogs’ geo-fence? It depends on what solution or system you have for the GPS dog fence. In reality, most GPS dog systems have very similar functionality and how-to steps such that no matter with Apps or a mobile GPS tracker, you can still set a geofence for your dogs in a simple way.

The geo shape framework is where you tend to take note. You can set customized fence shapes with some GPS dog fence approaches, while some others only provide basic circular or rectangle shape setting options. If you have very specific fence form specifications, then you need to review very closely before making the purchase.

A physical fence is no longer that popular nowadays. More and more pet owners are looking at and making good use of the GPS dog fencing solution to keep an eye on dogs without having to think about getting away from them. It’s better to choose the GPS dog fence solution for your pets, regardless of whether you and your dogs live in a city, farm or mountain area.

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GPS Dog Fences – Wireless & Invisible Pet Containment

1.The Best GPS Dog Fence: SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence

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Product Description

There is really no good GPS dog fence than the SpotOn Interactive Smart fence currently available. Create and save up to 10 custom maps in regions ranging from 0.5 to 1,000 acres. It can not be clearer to set limits, either. Simply keep the collar in your hand as you walk the ideal perimeter and hold down a button, and you’re ready to go. Sounds like too much work for that? No question, just use the default circular boundary and in no time you’ll be up and running.

Where SpotOn really highlights is with its features activated by the app. In the event that your dog makes its way out of the perimeter, you can activate and disable maps, monitor the location of your dog, and even get automatic escape alerts. It has never been simpler, or more comfortable, to keep an eye on your dog. Check it out and see what can be achieved with your dog and your life today with the SpotOn collar.

2. Garmin Alpha 100 TT 15

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Product Description

Garmin is the best GPS fence to buy for 2021, and the used technology in the fence are very good with impressive features. Not just an invisible fence, this unit is both a tracker and a training device. Multiple collars will also support it, which can operate on up to 20 dogs.

There is a graphical monitor on the handheld GPS, where you can access TOPO maps and control the whole device. You may set up simulated boundaries for fencing functionality and program the system to automatically remember your dog or dogs when they have exceeded these boundaries. When this arises, you can even get a warning such that when your dog breaks away from your invisible fence, you can be aware and take action. It’ll also determine how easily your dog runs and how far they’ve come.

This system works for lengths of up to 9 miles, and can also be used for dog training that is more general. When you need to have your dog’s attention, you have the choice of 18 degrees of stimulation, but you can only use enough to make them feel it, without overdoing the stimulation.

The Garmin Alpha 100 TT 15 has a reasonably decent battery life and can work well for general dog safety, but in training groups of dogs, whether for hunting or other purposes, it really shines.

3. Garmin Sport Pro

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Product Description

The last thing on our list is not a pet fence, but it’s a system for dog training that users enjoy so much that we had to include it. Meet the Garmin Sport Pro, a system for dog training that is as easy to use as it is effective.

The concept behind this device is simple: when required, you can additionally supports to your dog in the process of training them. You might think of it as a dog fence that is more manual. You should give a signal if you’re out with your dog and they’re about to leave the yard, because they know they’re getting too far.

The quickly changing dial is a breeze to change the signal strength. Simply pick the signal power you need but you’re on the way. Signals can range from constant to momentary, to vibration, and just to tone. To get your dog’s attention, you just need to use whatever it takes. It also has a built-in bark limiter to help relax loud pups, so that the collar doubles.

If you’re OK with a little more manual training, which can deliver much greater outcomes in all honesty, then this could be a product worth considering.

4. AngelaKerry Wireless Dog System With GPS

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Product Description

The next GPS dog fencing device on our list comes from AngelaKerry, a reliable brand. To set the limits of the invisible fence, which has a far greater degree of precision than conventional wireless fence systems, this device uses GPS location. This device enables a boundary with an area of up to 800 meters to be set.

Compared to conventional wireless dog fence technology, the beauty of a GPS containment device is that it is much less susceptible to interference by any external objects or uneven terrain. This ensures the dog is less likely to locate holes in the pet fence, and inside the boundary is more likely to be secure and sound.

The best thing about this wireless fence system is that just about everywhere it could be used. The collar is flexible, so it would probably match the size of your dog’s neck. It’s waterproof, but it’s not the end of the world if your dog likes to go for a swim. You will use the scheme as long as you have a GPS signal, so it’s useful for travel and vacations as well. It’s backed up by a lifetime guarantee, meaning you don’t have to think down the line about problems.

5. SportDOG Brand SportTrainer Remote Trainer

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Product Description

With a handy remote control unit that can train up to 3 dogs at the same time, the new SportDOG Company SportTrainer Remote Trainer came equipped with a handy remote control unit, as long as you buy extra collars to match the other dogs. A very generous 880 yards, approximately equal to half a mile, is the range of the unit. This is an exceptional outdoors trainer and can also be found in remote places including parks and campgrounds.

The device comes with a portable transmitter that allows users to manage each dog’s status as well as the power level of the battery. To decide the amount of static alert that you want each dog to get, you can also use the remote. The new Sport Trainer unit is strongly recommended for its usefulness and flexibility.

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6. Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker

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Product Description

Losing your beloved pet is going to be the worst of any pet lover’s fear. This product will direct you in order to help you keep an attentive watch on your dog and though he is not nearby. The dog tracking collar will allow you to evaluate your dog’s location easily.

To follow your pet’s area reliably, a pet GPS tracker uses a satellite sign or cellular organisation. Providing the past of previous sites, a virtual fence, and simple subscription are the core features of this system.

The device provides you a live location of your dog plus all the earlier places where your pet has visited as it is important to know the sites where your dog might have visited because no matter how familiar they are with their home, still, they have a chance of getting disorientated.

7. PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barriers

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Product Description

As the living area of your pet, you may have built a limited territory, but your stubborn pet might interfere or ramble about areas that you don’t want to. Keeping a check on your pet’s location at all times is slightly annoying.

This beautifully designed pet system controls your dogs and keeps them from roaming around your precious furniture and other areas where you need them to stay away. The device’s highlighted features are that it is battery-operated, wireless cord, and it is easy to handle more than one pet.

8. Dog Containment System With GPS

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Product Description

If you want a new method of pet containment, this brilliant system can’t be ignored. Its updated technology leaves behind some irritating fences that have taken hours or even days to install. Consider this fence as a means for your dog to adjust to life on the edge of your home.

As this device is made to conform to the dog, the dog will adopt the space once the days go by. Your dog is not affected by the correction system, so you should be confident of its peace of mind. The device is programmed to encourage your dog to understand the signs and to remain in the area. In the market for finding options for your dogs, this GPS electric dog fence is known.


In conclusion, some of the best GPS dog fence reviews that are made primarily for the safety of pets and the comfort of their owners are listed above.

Our suggestions above are what we found are the best GPS dog fence are available on the market. These are the best GPS dog fence to buy in every price range for you.

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