Do you want your dog to obey you? Check out the best shock collar for 2021

Are you a dog owner, and not able to control your dog behaviour, looking out for the best method to control and train your dog, then you have come to the right page.

There are a wide variety of methods you can use to help train your dog, but dog shock collars (bark collars or e-collars) are always the safest choice for owners.

Below, we will cover some of the most important criteria that you can remember when searching for a shock collar and the features in which it succeeds.

Then, we’ll recommend the best shock collars on the market for large dogs. Check out the reviews of each product and choose the best one that suits your requirements.

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What is Shock Collar

A shock collar or remote training collar is any of a family of training collars (also called e-collars, Ecollars, or electronic collars) that deliver electrical stimulation of varying intensity and duration to the neck of a dog via a radio-controlled electronic device incorporated into a dog collar. Some collar models also include a tone or vibrational setting, as an alternative to or in conjunction with the shock. Others include integration with Internet mapping capabilities and GPS to locate the dog or alert an owner.

How To Use a Dog Shock Collar

E-collars for dogs have the ability to control the actions of your dog by transmitting very small electrical signals intended to get your dog’s attention or correct it. They do not cause serious pain or inconvenience when used properly, and are often very effective. Since the 1960s, dog shock collars have been used to train dogs. Originally designed for use with hunting dogs, these early collars were not terribly human; they created very powerful shocks, often resulting in frightened and stressed canines.

Fortunately, things have improved, and people have started to handle their dogs better in years to come. This has led manufacturers to create smoother shock collars that produce even milder shocks. Such dog collars are much more effective in teaching dog obedience commands and perform best when used properly. Some modern shock collars for dogs are multi-functional systems that can also emit noticeable tones or vibrate when triggered. These types of stimuli are also just as good for training, and they reduce the need to shock the dog.

In fact, most modern makers and trainers only advocate the use of shock feature in emergency cases. For example, you can use beep or vibration mode to encourage your dog to walk in the heel position, avoid jumping on the guest, or stop barking. But if your dog is running down the street or in the way of another dog, you should give him a shock to stop him in his tracks.

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Types of Shock Collars for Dogs

Remember that modern dog shock collars are available in two basic models.

Any of them, which we’re going to discuss today, just give a stimulus when the owner presses a button. In the meantime, some (which we will discuss in another article) are designed to detect nuisance barking and have an instant correction.

Although those in the former category are useful for a wide range of training reasons, those in the latter category are mainly effective in controlling nuisance barking – for example, they won’t help you teach your dog to walk on a leash properly.

Which Type of Dog Shock Collar is Best?

There are a range of shock collars on the market for large dogs, but some perform even easier than others. You can partly differentiate the good from the bad by comparing the functionality offered by various versions.

Generally speaking, the best shock collars have the following purposes, features and characteristics:

Multiple Correction Types

Most devices produce a slight electrical shock, but the best electrical dog collars often help you activate an audible tone or allow the collar to vibrate.

It is always best to use the mildest available corrections, so always start with the mildest adjustments and slowly raise the intensity when necessary.

Note that certain dog shock collars are sold as having four different types of corrections: electrical shock, vibration, audible sound, and flashing light.

However, it is unlikely that a flashing light will act as a helpful correction for your dog. However, this flashing light will also have value, as it will allow you to easily see your dog in the dark.

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Adjustable Corrections

You still want to use the softest possible shock to produce the desired result, so make sure to use a shock collar that helps you to change the strength of the correction.

This is a pretty common feature of most modern collars, but please verify to ensure that this functionality is available before you access your credit card.

Most high-quality, multi-function shock collars will also allow you to adjust the intensity of the vibration delivered.

Audible sounds are rarely adjustable on dog shock collars, so that’s not a major deal – most emit a sound that’s distinctly audible, but not loud enough to hurt the dog.

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Waterproof Housing

You don’t want to be forced to remove the shock collar of your dog while it rains outside, so you can still go for ones with waterproof receivers.

And if you’re interested in exercising your dog while swimming (as is also required with hunting dogs), you’re going to want a truly waterproof model.

Remember that the transmitters supplied in most dog shock collars are just water resistant, so you’ll want to be careful when using them in the rain or in the pool.

Adequate Range

Most of the training would take place at a reasonably close range. However, you can need to make corrections while your dog is at a distance, such as when you’re training him to pick up or when you’re hanging out at the local dog park.

Modern dog shock collars typically operate at a distance of between 800 and 1,000 feet, which is ideal for most training conditions.

Note that manufacturers also tend to exaggerate slightly the range of their shock collars, so if you have a particular distance criterion, you would want to pick one with a range that reaches your specifications by between 10% and 20%.

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Rechargeable Batteries

Training collars must be reasonably thin, so they don’t hinder the mobility of your dog. Subsequently, the batteries they use would be relatively thin, which ensures that they can not carry a charge for a very long time (perhaps a week).

If you don’t want to buy new batteries 50 times a year, you’ll want to pick an e-collar that uses rechargeable batteries.

Understand that both the receiver and the transmitter contain batteries, so you will need to recharge both components on a daily basis.

Any of the better dog shock collars come with charging cable splitters so that you can charge all parts at the same time.

Comfortable Collar

As any other sort of collar, you’re going to want to make sure you find a dog shock collar that fits your canine comfortably. This would help avoid chafing and ensure that the shock collar is operating properly.

Many shock collars for large dogs have a pair of metal electrodes that protrude from the receiver which are designed to touch the dog’s neck – this is how the shock is transmitted.

To ensure proper working, you must make careful to choose a collar that suits your dog’s neck perfectly, so be sure to weigh your dog before making your order.

How to Train a Dog with a Shock Collar

Shock collars may be helpful for showing the dog a set of commands or trying to stop a number of unwanted behaviors. Many of the most successful applications for shock collar training include:

Teaching Your Dog to Walk Properly on a Leash

A lot of dogs pull on the leash while walking or jumping up at people and pets running around. Through using one of these collars in conjunction with a normal leash, you can help avoid this kind of action.

Only give the “heel” command to your dog and walk like you usually would. When your dog is pulling you around or going in the direction of others, say “No!” “And cause the collar to beep or to vibrate.

This can typically cause the dog to stop acting, but the first few times you may have to use shock function.

Stopping Your Dog’s Habit of Jumping on People

Many dogs get excited when visitors come over to greet them by jumping up and placing their front paws on the visitor’s chest.

You will help bring an end to this behavior by making your dog wear a leash if you expect visitors, and then cause a beep or alarm anytime your dog shows behavior.

You can need to use the shock feature at the outset, but as usual, switch to gentler corrections as quickly as you can.

Putting an End to Nuisance Barking

Although conventional dog shock collars are not specifically intended to avoid nuisance barking, they may be used to regulate the problem.

You’re going to have to wear the bark collar on your dog most of the time to manage the nuisance barking, but after a lot of practice, you’re sure to discover that your dog stops barking on its own.

As if you’re attempting to avoid some other form of problematic conduct, you’re going to want to use the gentlest possible correction to achieve the desired result.

Best Shock Collars for Large Dogs

If you plan to buy an e-collar, you’ll want to stick to one of the better units available. This way, you will be confident that they can provide the right form of punishment for your dog, work safely, and assist with the training proces. The following are among the best shock collars for dogs:

1. PESTON Dog Training Collar

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PESTON Dog Training Collar is a multi-functional tool that lets owners train their dogs easily and efficiently. The PESTON Dog Collar can produce three distinct forms of correction signals: audible sound, vibration, and electrical discharge.

A rechargeable device, the PESTON Dog Training Collar has a length of 2,000 feet and is built to work through walls so that you can stop your dog from barking while he’s in the next room.

Many of the owners were extremely happy with the PESTON Dog Obedience Collar. Several owners indicated that their training sessions were more effective by using the bark collar, and few even had to use the shock feature – they simply used tone and vibrate modes to train their canine.

The PESTON Dog Training Collar has all the characteristics you’d expect in a dog shock collar and has received positive feedback from most of the owners who tried it. The 2000-foot range is sufficient for most owners, and the waterproof design of the collar is a cool bonus feature.

Thanks to the affordable price tag and 1-year replacement warranty, this dog shock collar is a perfect choice for most owners.

Notable Characteristics and Features:

  • 100% waterproof collar works even while your dog is swimming
  • Weighing 10 to 100 pounds
  • Backed by the manufacturer’s 1-year replacement/refund warranty

2. PetTech Remote-Controlled Dog Shock Collar

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The PetTech Remote-Controlled Dog Shock Collar is a four-function training system that delivers corrections by illumination, audible sound, vibration or static discharge. The large LCD panel of the remote control makes the show easy to view and the receiver is water resistant.

Most of the owners who used the PetTech Remote-Controlled Dog Shock Collar were very pleased with it and reported that it helped train their dog quite quickly. Most appreciated the functionality of the tool and some praised the PetTech Customer Service Department, which helped to resolve technological problems and offered training tips by email.

The PetTech Remote-Controlled Dog Shock Collar has all the simple features you’d expect in a good dog shock collar, and most owners were pleased with the device. It is not the most inexpensive option on the market, but it is still very moderately priced and of high value.

Notable Characteristics and Features:

  • 1,200-foot-range enables you to correct your dog from a distance
  • Bark collar uses long-lasting rechargeable batteries and features an automatic sleep mode to prolong battery life even more
  • Backed by a lifetime replacement guarantee

3. Petronics Rechargeable Shock Training Collar

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The Petronics Rechargeable Shock Training Collar allows dog owners four different ways to correct their dog. The unit will flash a blinking light, emit an audible sound, vibrate or produce a slight static shock when the button is pressed. The remote control can be used with one or two collars and has a length of 330 yards.

The Petronics Rechargeable Shock Collar has received fairly positive reviews from most owners. Many mentioned that it was a great tool to train their dogs and that they were quite pleased with the device. However, a large number of owners had issues with the dog collar and claimed that they had stopped working after a short period of time.

The Petronics Rechargeable Shock Training Collar is probably one of the best dog training collars for budget-limited owners, and it seems to fit fairly well for most dogs.

The 5-year warranty tends to counteract questions about the consistency of the product and offers all the features that many higher-priced dog shock collars have to deliver.

Notable Characteristics and Features:

  • Fits dogs between 10 and 100 pounds
  • The collar is designed to sync with the remote quickly (within 10 seconds)
  • Backed by the seller’s 5-year replacement and money-back guarantee warranty

4. Petrainer Dog Shock Collar

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Petrainer Dog Shock Collar is a very popular training collar that has proved to be successful for most owners who have used it.

The bark collar provides three distinct forms of correction (audible sound, vibration, and electrical shock) and operates at distances of up to 330 yards.

The vast majority of dog owners who tried Petrainer Dog Shock Collar were very satisfied with the product. Most noted that it was very easy to use and offered efficient control to improve the actions of their dog. A few owners were disappointed with the included collar, so if you choose, you can use your own dog collar with the device – just remove the receiver and slip it over the collar of your choosing.

The Petrainer Dog Shock Collar is inexpensive, well-built and simple to use. It has received extensive favorable feedback, rating it highly among the other dog shock collars in our study, and is supported by a 3-year warranty. It is also easily one of the better choices in this group of items and highly recommended.

Notable Characteristics and Features:

  • Water-resistant model is standard; a waterproof model is available for a slightly higher price
  • Adjustable collar fits dogs with necks up to 25 inches in circumference
  • Backed by a 3-year replacement/refund warranty

5. iPets Waterproof & Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar

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The iPets Waterproof & Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar is a quick and easy-to-use training product that is easy for owners to use and successful for dog training. It provides three different forms of correction (vibration, audible sound and static discharge), each of which can be changed. It’s operating at distances of up to 900 feet.

The iPets Waterproof & Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar deserves the attention of most owners, particularly those who respect design simplicity. However, the bark collar is a little more costly than many of the other choices available, which is disappointing considering that it does not seem to be extremely effective or durable.

Notable Characteristics and Features:

  • The receiver is 100% waterproof, while the transmitter is water-resistant
  • Unlike many other training collars, the iPets Dog Shock Collar only requires a single button press to deliver a correction
  • Backed by a 5-year replacement or refund warranty

6. SportDOG 425 Remote Trainer

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The SportDOG 425 Remote Trainer is an enhanced electric training collar for trainers that is perfect for large dogs. A very flexible training aid, the SportDOG 425 can provide quick or continuous relaxation and can also offer vibrating or audible signals to better guide the dog.

Most users were really happy with SportDOG 425 and explained that it was very useful to train their dog. Several owners identified the results using phrases such as “a whole new dog now” and “awesome performance.”

There are not too many complaints, although a very limited number of owners reported trouble using this for small dogs.

You’ll pay a bit more for SportDOG 425 than many other electrical training collars, but with the advantages it offers and the numerous good consumer feedback it has received, you’ll certainly agree that it was worth paying a premium.

It offers all the basic functions and functionality most owners would like, and is a well-made, robust and waterproof unit. There’s not anything else you might look for in a shock collar for big dogs.

Notable Characteristics and Features:

  • 500-yard range
  • When fully charged, the battery lasts for 50 to 70 hours
  • Waterproof and submersible to 25 feet
  • Comes with a training DVD and access to 6-days-a-week customer service


Our suggestions above are what we found are the best shock collars for large dogs available on the market. These are the best shock collars for large dogs to buy in every price range for you. We have analyzed the features and functions of each product and reviewed our best for the buyers.

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