Top 10 Best Invisible Dog Fences to Buy in 2020

Many pet owners are unaware of the advantages of an invisible dog fence. The pet owners who have bought it and used it know how a perfect dog fence gives their dogs freedom.

It is hazardous to allow our dogs to roam freely whenever and wherever they want. A report states that every year more than 6 million dogs get killed in car accidents. The numbers could be very depressing for dog owners.

The best possible solution to prevent these kinds of accidents is an invisible fence for dogs. If you set up the invisible dog fence correctly, it will be easy for you to track your dog’s activity and monitor it.

We have made a list of the top 10 best invisible dog fences and reviewed every product in detail. So, you can get a broad idea about the products. You can choose any from the below-mentioned products according to your requirement. See also our recommendations on Guide for buying a dog fenceTips for training the dog to use an electric dog fenceTop 5 best electric fence.

10 best invisible dog fence reviews

1. Top Pick – Wireless Pet Containment System by Petsafe

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It is our first pick and best wireless invisible dog fence. The most renowned pet products company, ‘Petsafe,’ has manufactured it. It ensures the health and complete security of dogs all the time. It is a perfect alternative for traditional wire fencing. The system comes with features such as portability and high protection. It makes sure that the dog is safe by offering a wireless invisible area when your dog is traveling.

It is easy to install, and it makes the wireless boundary around your yard. The range of operation might be interrupted because of various stuff such as rugged landscape or metallic barrier. However, you cannot change it into a rectangular or square shape.

It is easy to activate it; all you require is to fit the transmitter. After that, it will generate a radio signal always up to 90 feet of range in every direction. You will not require more than two hours for a complete setup. Also, you can start dog training to accustom to a secure pet area. In that case, a visible boundary flag helps your dog to recognize the entire range.

In a word, this wireless invisible dog fence is an innovation initiative to offer the secure and most comfortable method of pet containment.

2. Best for Large Dog- Wireless Transmitter by Petsafe

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The wireless transmitter by Petsafe is a perfect invisible dog fence for large dogs. If the weight of the dog is more than 8 pounds than the product is for you. You should install the system at least 2 or 3 feet above the ground level. The reason is that it enables you to expand the coverage area of the wireless fence. You need a wireless fence receiver collar system to run the system.

The wireless transmitter by Petsafe covers a circular area of half-acre or 90 feet to keep an eye on your pet. It is easy to plug the transmitter into the outlet and increase the place where you require to place the dog. You have to be aware that sometimes a few obstacles can affect the operating range, such as topography, metal products, or terrain. It is helping out millions of pets and pet owners for ages.

It features an additional transmitter system. The main feature of the transmitter is its durability and portability that is perfect for RV camping. You can increase the shape of the radius into 90 feet of the pet zone. The best part of the system is that it is perfect for large dogs that weighs 8 pounds and more.

3. Safe Pet Rechargeable Hidden Dog Fence Containment System

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If you want an obedience training facility to manage your dog from undesirable behavior, then a rechargeable hidden dog fence containment system is necessary for your dog. It has a 955-foot solid copper boundary wire. You can set up it into a hidden area up to 1.2 acres of land. If you desire to train your dog moderately, you can do it by an unseen boundary. The modern electric fencing innovation quickly establishes hidden boundary lines for your pets.

This transmitter collar comes with a waterproof feature. The latest radio wave technology has featured it with five correction levels for specific training within the pre-structured boundary. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Pet owners can cover the exact area they demand without any challenge with the system’s in-ground cord. The best part of the system is that it has enhanced radio wave technology, and it features wireless electric hidden boundaries. You also need to know that it has a 955-foot definite copper boundary covering 1.2 acres of area.

The feature list includes the latest electric fence technology, and it has extended rechargeable battery duration. Also, a lifetime replacement warranty for user satisfaction will allow you to replace the item whenever it gets damaged.

4. Sit Boo Boo’s Dog Fence

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What makes sit boo’s dog fence unique from other dog fences? The answer is that it is an incredible electric fence. It has modern and smart auto-train technology and offers standard and industrial grade copper core wire that is 500-foot long. The wire provides complete cover up to 20 acres of land.

It is a hidden dog fence system that offers a smart 10-second safety-shutoff feature. What is the safety shut-off feature?

Well, it is the feature that protects your dog from overcorrection. The system includes the electronic receiver collar that is created with three modes of correction. It works for your pet’s better control and security.

This electric dog fence is entirely weatherproof, waterproof, and submersible up to 3 feet. It is perfect for rain, snow, and muddy puddles. Its best part is that it has seven correction settings and inbuilt surge protection that involves tone, vibration, and static. It comes with a 1-year replacement warranty. So, if anything goes incorrect with the system, then you can replace it.

The standard features of this invisible dog fence include waterproofing, surge protection, smart tracking, safety checker, and add-on accessories.

The system’s essential features are that it runs through prevention; it has a robust static correction level. Also, it has massive, durable strength of 20 gauge and has a solid copper wire. Also, the electric fence for dogs offers you long battery life, with rechargeable features too. It allows you to customize yourself, and you can 100% adapt it to your yard.

5. Dog Fence by Pet Control HQ

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How do you recognize the best dog fence? The best dog fence is the dog fence that let your dog play freely and enhance its behavior. It comes with a secure and robust remote-controlled shock collar technology. It covers up to 10 acres of area to make sure your dog is safe and secure. The system is used as an electric fence with three automatic correction levels to prevent your dog’s aggressive behavior.

You can also control and adjust the correction level with two modes; first is vibration and the second is a shock. You can decide from 10 levels of intensity to merge with the behavior of your dog. The invincible fencing system enables you to manage up to 3 dogs simultaneously by an individual collar of each from a particular remote range of area. You can easily install the system that offers 492 feet of wiring, enabling you to access any yard size.

You can use the three dog selection buttons on the remote. These remotes provide you individual control of up to 3 collars. So, you can enjoy an open area of over 1300 yards range and train three dogs simultaneously.

6. Petsafe Basic in-ground dog fence

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This invisible fence by Petsafe is very slim, lightweight, and best for small-sized dogs. The system comes with an adjustable design. So, it can be fitted to medium, large, and extra-large dogs that have a minimum weight of 8 lbs and have a neck of 6 to 26 inches. It is an in-ground electric fence that keeps your dog safe and secure in your open residence area.

Generally, it allows your pet to play 1/3rd of an acre, and you can expand it to 5 acres with the extra wires and flags. This invisible dog fence comes with a collar that is waterproof and adjustable. It also has tone mode for optimum security that has four levels of static correction.

It is a highly trustable dog fence because it is made by the Petsafe brand, which has held its position as a global leader in pet behavior, lifestyle, and containment for around 30 years.

The installation process of the dog fence is easy and contains only three steps to a secure pet. You can install the personalized underground pet fence at your yard then train your dog in just two weeks using the professional training guide that comes along with the system.

7. Stay & Play compact wireless dog fence

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We have listed this super unique compact wireless dog fence on the 7th spot. You can build a park in your area for your dog’s entertainment through this Stay and Play Wireless Dog Fence System. It comes with a small and invincible fence covering up to 3/4th acre area or almost 210 feet in diameter.

Just as the other dog fences, it is also easy to install and won’t take more than 1 or 2 hours. The transmitter has a portability feature and is excellent for carrying your dog. It permits you to generate five static power levels, but you can set a non-static mode tone.

The system is user friendly and has genuine electric collars. You need to plug the transmitter into an electric outlet after setting it up. Then you need to determine the area you want to use.

You can adapt the boundary level by training your pet with the help of a visible boundary flag. Post that, you can transmit a radio signal in the pet zone.

8. Top among Rechargeable – Yardmax in-Ground Dog Fence by Petsafe

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Here is the Yardmax in-ground rechargeable dog fence by PetSafe. Unlike other dog fences, a battery powers it. It gives more space of freedom to your dog to run and enjoy within the area of coverage. It is also one of the most secure dog fence systems that keeps your dog safe with the transmitter and the invisible wire.

Your dog has to wear a receiver system in the collar like other dog fence system. The receiver collar is rechargeable and sends an alarm to alert your pet from the boundary area. Using this system, your dog will get habituated with the invisible boundary area. This system has double modes to fulfill your space requirements. In the first mode, a zone of warning begins on the other side of the boundary. It can maximize the needed space by offering available yard. Your dog will continuously receive a warning alarm from the receiver until returning from the pet area.

The system also helps to practice your dog to understand the entire boundary area.

The second mode is the same as the traditional one, where the warning zone begins within the hidden area instead of another side of the boundary.

9. Best Underground Dog Fence – Standard Grade by Extreme Dog Fence

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It is one of the best underground dog fences by one of the most popular companies. The extreme dog fences are famous for the decent quality dog fences. The complete kit of the product is made in the USA and offers everything you require to manage a dog. Generally, this dog fence covers up to 10 acres of area.

However, you can spread the wiring from 500 feet to 5000 feet according to your requirement. There are five levels of correction of the receiver system to implement low to high power if required.

The system is quite expensive than other dog fences, but it allows a few extra features. The features include coverage area and extensive wiring options. The system allows an unlimited number of dogs in the system as there is no limit to it. Along with it, the system enables you to customize the coverage area through any layout such as a single loop, double loop, triangle, rectangle, or 1-4 sided.

It will be effortless for you to install the system as it has a massive package of installation material for you. Moreover, the standard grade system involves waterproof splices, underground fence wire, and other essential items. The company has a warranty policy of 10 years for all the electronic gadgets and a lifetime warranty for fencing wire.

10. Best In-Ground Fence Product – SportDog Invisible Dog Fence by Sportdog

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With easy to install, SportDog is an ideal alternative to the traditional dog fence. It is cost-effective and is another most versatile in-ground dog fence. It comes with a transmitter, 1000 feet of wire, 100 additional flags, and a waterproof collar receiver.

It has four static levels of stimulation to adapt the temperament of any dog. Also, it covers 100 acres of land with extra flags and wire. You will be getting an in-built lighting protection feature along with the SportDog fence system and a 9-volt replaceable battery, and the company claims that the battery has a long-lasting life of 6-12 months. It is also safe for pets, which are more than 10 pounds.

The procedure to install the system is easy, and after the installation, the transmitter generates radio transmission through the boundary wires. The fence remains attached to surround the boundary. You can train your dog by using flags on the boundary area for visual aid.

You have to fit a receiver on your dog’s collar so that your dog can move freely inside the boundary line.

How to choose an invisible dog fence

If you want to choose the best invisible dog fence, then we suggest you read the best dog fences reviews in detail. Also, you need to consider three essential factors before getting one. These three most important aspects are weight, thickness, and stubbornness of your dog. Weight and thickness can determine shock efficiency. The third important factor, obstinacy, makes sure that how much your dog is capable of adapting with provided instruction.

Things to recognize before choosing an invisible dog fence for dog

It is time to consider a few essential things before picking a wireless fence. To get an effective and expected outcome, you should consider the following aspects.

Coverage Area’s Capacity

The size of the boundary is the major headache for choosing an invisible fence collar for dogs. The dog fence has a transmitter that gives an indication when the dog crosses the area limit. A practical and powerful fence transmitter can include an area of more than 25 acres. On the other hand, a regular fence can cover only up to 1 acre.

Easy procedure to install the dog fence

You should always choose an invisible dog fence, which is easy to install. It will assist you in installing the dog fence at any location as per your convenience.

Number of Dogs Allowed

It is an essential point to consider for people who own more than one dog. You require to know the accommodation area before buying the invisible dog fence. A transmitter cannot accommodate more than three dogs simultaneously. The receiver collars permit the maximum number of dogs you program into the transmitter.


Approximately every brand provides a 1-year warranty on every in-ground dog fence. When a brand offers a warranty for a dog fence, they take responsibility for their customers’ better service. If you find that the given product is damaged, the manufacturer will replace it within the warranty duration. It would help if you chose a dog fence brand that offers adequate warranty duration.

How to install an invisible dog fence

Installing an invisible dog fence is an easy task. You do not have to be an expert to do that. There are only several parts that make the entire product. Almost every electric dog fence offers a transmitter based development and a collar receiver that makes it very easy to install. You are free to move the system anywhere as your priority is to keep your pet safe and secure.

To complete the whole setup, you do not require more than half an hour. It is easy to understand and hustle free process to install from the beginning to the end. First, it is compulsory to choose the actual location where you will install the transmitter. You will then be required to plug in the unit into the power or connect it with the battery, specified with the particular product.


For pet owners, what is more, important than their pet’s safety and security? An invisible dog fence offers complete protection to the dogs. It provides dogs the chance to enjoy outdoor fun activities. Therefore, you should always invest in an appropriate dog fence that provides all the great features for years to use.

We have shared the best invisible dog fences. You can choose any of them as per your convenience. We hope this article will be helpful to you to choose the best invisible dog fence.

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