Top 5 Best Escape-Proof Dog Harnesses to Secure your Dog – Reviewed

Looking for the perfect escape proof dog harness for the furry Houdini in your life? We review our favorite picks, comparing durability, cost, and more!

A range of harnesses are available to help keep the dog from escaping. It’s worth remembering that any manufacturer will say that their harnesses are escape-proof, so don’t select one based on marketing publicity.

Furthermore, even the most safe harnesses aren’t always labelled as escape-proof.

All you have to do now is dig in, understand your dog’s needs, and make the right decision you can.

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Dog Collars and Harnesses: Which is Best?

There’s no one definitive answer whether dog collars or harnesses are best. It all depends on your priorities, the form of your dog’s body, and personal interest.

Collars and harnesses are used and owned by many professional trainers. For the most portion, We prefer well-fitting and comfortable harnesses. There is no one-size-fits-all option, so let’s look at why a collar or harness could be best for you and your dog.

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You might prefer to use a dog collar instead of a harness if:

  • Your dog is sensitive to pressure on her sides or shoulder blades.
  • Your dog has an extreme body shape, like a greyhound, and it’s hard to find the perfect fit harness.
  • Your dog is well-trained and there’s no need for the extra comfort of a harness.

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You might prefer to use a dog harness instead of a collar if:

  • Your dog pulls on leash and might damage her trachea or larynx with collar pressure.
  • Your dog is an escape artist and can wiggle out of collars in no time.
  • Your dog has a short snout, like pugs, boxers, and bulldogs.

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The Best Five Escape-Proof Dog Harnesses

1. CosyMeadow Escape-Proof Dog Harness

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Since the chest strap is made to fit behind your dog’s rib cage, the CosyMeadow Escape-Proof Harness depends on a clever build to keep your dog safe in his harness. This makes it more difficult for the dog to free himself by sliding his elbows out.

Made with a combination of nylon webbing and neoprene, the CosyMeadow Harness is a very secure-fitting harness. It also has tough components to ensure your dog’s protection, such as heavy-duty quick-release buckles and welded stainless metal rings.

The CosyMeadow Harness is built to be a “no-pull” harness with a handle to help you control your dog in tight spaces or assist him with navigating obstacles. The stitching has reflective thread to help make your dog visible in low-light environments.


Most owners who tried the CosyMeadow Harness found that it prevented their dog from escaping and that it helped reduce their dog’s tendency to pull the leash during walks. Many owners also loved that the harness was so easy to put on and take off.


While the CosyMeadow Harness did keep most dogs safely contained, a few – especially aggressive chewers – were still able to free themselves.

2. Ruffwear – Web Master Harness

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The Web Master Harness from Ruffwear is one of the safest options for owners of escape-prone dogs. This harness is very secure while also being simple to put on and remove, thanks to three separate straps that encircle your pup’s chest and belly.

When dealing with an escape-prone dog, having a secure fit is half the battle, but the Web Master Harness makes it possible with an additional belly band and five different points of adjustment. The belts are also padded to keep your dog secure but also spreading out the force of the leash.

On the top of the belt is a padded handle, and an aluminium, webbing-reinforced attachment ring provides a safe spot to tie the leash. To make the dog more recognisable, reflective stitching is used on the harness.

Since the Ruffwear Web Master Harness isn’t machine washable, you’ll have to hand wash it and air dry it.


The Web Master Harness received glowing reviews from most owners who tried it, including those who owned escape artists. Most reported that their dog was unable to wiggle free thanks to the belly strap, and the harness’s quality was widely praised.

Some owners even reported that the harness helped to alleviate pulling behavior, even though the harness isn’t explicitly designed for this purpose.


There weren’t many complaints about the Web Master Harness, although a few owners experienced problems with one-off manufacturing issues. A few owners noted that their dog was able to escape from the harness, but such reports were quite rare.

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3. ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness

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The ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness is designed with a military-style build to keep your dog safe and ready for any challenge that comes your way. This harness is made of heavy-duty materials to last for years and withstand your dog’s abuse.

The ICEFANG Tactical Harness has a half-body design and five points of change so you can make sure it’s the best match for your dog. Two leash binding points are used for flexibility, one on the back and the other on the chest, and a handle on the back makes it easier to lift and manipulate the dog.

Several Velcro strips are sewn into the back of the belt, allowing you to tie patches or other gear and equipment to your dog. The ICEFANG Tactical Harness is available in khaki and black and comes in medium and large sizes.


Most owners liked the ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness and reported that it was well made and fit their dog well. The included handle proved very helpful for many owners, and the Velcro strips were also a welcome addition. Several also praised the value of the product and its relatively low price point.


A few owners complained that this harness did not fit dogs with short and pudgy body types well. Additionally, the ICEFANG Harness is not available in sizes appropriate for small dogs.

4. The Harness Lead

The Harness Lead is an all-in-one leash and harness device that is intended to keep the dog safely bound to you when running. It is a sturdy leash that can prevent any escapes when it stiffens when the dog pulls on it.

The Harness Lead seems to be a slip lead at first glance. It is, though, made to wrap around your dog’s chest and shoulders (rather than his neck, as is the case for slip leads), and it comes with stoppers to keep the rope from being too close or too loose.

The Harness Lead is made of hand-spliced, American-made materials with a high tensile strength – this leash-harness hybrid can withstand 3,700 pounds.

The Harness Lead is available in eight different colour patterns and two sizes (small/medium and medium/large), including Black, Blue, Lotus, Orange Reflective, Peacock, Pink, Plum, and Red.


Most of the owners who tried the Harness Lead were ecstatic with the results. It typically kept even the most determined and flexible dogs from escaping, and several owners mentioned that it also helped stop pulling behavior. It is also quite affordable compared to some other escape-proof harnesses and eliminates the need for a separate leash.


A few owners had problems learning how to put the harness on their dog, but most of these owners explained that it became easier with practice. Do note that the leash portion is only about 6 feet long, and your dog’s size will determine its exact length; larger dogs will require more rope to encircle their body, which will make the leash shorter.

5. Mihachi Secure Dog Harness

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The Mihachi Harness, like a few other escape-proof harnesses, has an extra strap to prevent the dog from slipping out of his harness. It also has a few other handy features to make the harness secure.

To hold your dog secure, the Mihachi Secure Harness comes with three separate belts. One band coils around the dog’s chest, one around his ribs, and one around his belly, below the rib cage, to protect the harness. The back of the collar has a handle, and translucent stitching is used to make your dog clear.

The belts are padded to keep your dog warm but still equally distributing the weight around his chest, shoulders, and ribs. There are five different change points to ensure you get a perfect suit, and reflective stitching is used to help him stand out.


There aren’t many reviews for the Mihachi Secure Harness, but it utilizes a sound design and should help to prevent your pup from slipping free during walks. It also has most of the features you’d want, including reflective stitching and an attached handle.


Any product that lacks a large number of owner reviews should only be purchased after careful consideration. A few owners did note places where the stitching broke, so be sure to inspect the harness carefully each time you put it on your dog.


Making the right decision for your escape-proof dog collar is an essential aspect of dog ownership. A good quality harness will help to guarantee your pet’s protection while also keeping them secure and protecting their necks, backs, and throats from unnecessary strain or choking.

The best choice would combine security and flexibility with protection, giving your dog total freedom of movement and the flexibility to enjoy their life while ensuring that you, as the owner, have complete control over your dog and the ability to keep them near and under control in any situation. The RUFFWEAR – Web Master Harness, our top choice, incorporates all of these features in a sleek style, making it the perfect escape proof dog harness for your pooch.

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