The 6 Best Dog ID Tags in 2021 – For Keeping Your Pup Safe

One of the best ways to keep your dog safe is to use a proper ID tag. Keep your pup safe with one of these stylish picks.

With a wide range of colours, collar extensions, and features to pick from, there is bound to be a dog ID tag to match up perfectly with your dog’s unique set of needs.

Dogs enjoy running around and exploring, if your dog is playful and races about frequently, there’s a risk it could be lost. If that happens, you need to find a way for your dog to safely return to you.

The name tags of Dogs assist with that. When your dog gets missing, these name tags will help other people identify them and help them get back to you.

Below, we’ll explain why dog ID tags are so important, check out some of the crucial details that any dog tag should provide, and identify our favourite pet ID tag picks on the market today.

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What is a Dog Name Tag and Dog ID Tag?

Name tags for dogs are small tags that you place on your dog’s collar to give them a clear identification. The value of dog name tags is not only limited to giving your dogs an appearance and making them look fashionable and cool, but also that they help protect your dog in case they’re lost. You may also select various kinds of creative tags with comfortable chains attached to them so that your dog doesn’t feel uncomfortable wearing them.

Dogs are mischievous, as they like to run around. That’s why there’s a high risk they’re lost or unable to find their way back home to you. If you put a dog ID tag on their collar, it’s going to be easier for other people to help them identify their way.

These tags can have a range of useful details on them. This contains the name of your dog, your name and your contact details. It’s to help the dog in case they get lost or run away. The tag should ideally be simple. All important identity and contact details should be printed in a clear, bold font.

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Why Does Your Dog Need an ID Tag?

There are a range of factors that all doggies should have an ID tag.

First of all, ID tags signal to strangers that your pup has a family, and they’re going to help anyone who sees your dog get him back in your hands.

In addition, dog tags can also convey that the dog’s shots are up-to-date, as well as any vital health facts rescuers will need to remember.

Microchip implants can have some kind of information, so it’s not going to help the normal person who finds your pet—some won’t even notice that dogs are often micro chipped.

And even if your dog is rescued by someone who is clever enough to realize that certain dogs have a microchip embedded under their skin, they would also need a vet or shelter to read the chip.

But dog ID tags can provide valuable information to someone who encounters your dog, such as your phone number, email address, social media address, or street address, without the need for extra skills.

And if your dog doesn’t wear a collar or a leash on a daily basis, it’s still a smart idea to have at least one collar properly tagged to use whenever you go for a walk or travel to a new place.

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How to Choose the Best Dog ID Tags?

There are some considerations that you need to consider when deciding which dog tags are right for your pet. They are as follows:

Engraving: In the first instance, the engraving on your dog’s tags should be readable.

Durability: You need to be sure that the dog tags are long enough to hang on the collar even though the dog is lost.

Materials: It is also important to take into consideration the materials used to make your dog tags.

Style: Dog tags are usually pieces of flat metal that are attached to the dog’s collar via a split ring. This kinds of dog tags are less likely to come off.

Design: While dog tags are mostly functional, they may also be stylish.

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Best Dog ID Tags – Reviews

1. GoTags Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags

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GoTags ID Tags are great for owners who want the most versatility when it comes to designing the ideal ID tag for their pooch.

These durable stainless steel dog tags come in a range of shapes and sizes for optimum versatility. Each scale is permanently etched with up to 8 lines of text. Best of all, every tag is made in the USA to ensure that you get a top-notch product.

Lightweight tags are about as thick as a tenth, so they’re not going to be too hard to hang on your dog’s collar.

These tags are wide in small sizes of about 1-inch and 1.5-inch respectively. Notably, GoTags provides 9 distinct shapes to complement the personality of the dog.

In short:

  • You can get a GoTag in one of 2 sizes and 9 different shapes
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Space for up to 8 lines of text
  • Available in 9 different shapes to express your pupper’s personality
  • High-quality tags, but they are still reasonably priced


  • Customers loved the unique shape options that came from selecting these tags. The double-sided engraving was perfect for fitting relatively large amounts of vital identification information.
  • These tags are great for someone looking for a “standard issue” tag, or those who need lots of space to print information.


  • It appears that the engraved text did not hold up well for super active pups, and it wore away when the metal became scratched. But, you may not have many other options if you need to include a lot of info on the tag.

2. Leash Boss Pet ID Tag

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These gorgeous dog slide-on tags by Leash Boss are great for active pups—especially those who love to work or play outside.

If you’re concerned about Fido’s dog tag going off or you can’t stand the traditional dog tag jingle, you’ll love Leash Boss’s stainless steel pet tags. The tags slip on straight to your dog’s collar, allowing them to stay safely (and silently) in place.

Each tag is hand designed with up to five lines of text to guarantee that your dog is correctly identified. Although these tags are not compatible with leather or silk collars, they are the ideal complement to any nylon webbing collar.

These tags are often made to be convenient for your canine, since they are carefully curved so that they won’t bite into your pup’s neck during use.

Many also consider slide-on tags to be better, since hanging tags can actually get trapped or entangled in floor gaps. This ensures that they are a particularly good choice for dogs that hang a lot on the floor decks.

In short:

Slip directly over your dog’s collar, instead of hanging from a metal ring
Tags lie flat against your dog’s collar
Space for 5 lines of text
Designed for nylon webbing collars and may not work with other types
Silent tags, which won’t jingle and jangle when your pet moves


  • These sturdy tags were great picks for owners with active pups. The deep engraving of the letters ensured that the tags were easy to read, and the classy stainless steel appearance looked great on any nylon collar.


  • Though these tags are super sturdy on nylon-webbing collars, they won’t work well with leather or fabric collars.

3. QALO Custom Silicone Dog ID Tags

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These silicone dog tags are the best choice for active pups with a jingle-free look.

The 100% silicone tags are entirely customizable with double-sided printing and up to six lines of engraved text. You’ll also get a convenient case included to keep your tag dry and secure while not in use.

Notably, the tags are significantly wider than the average quarter-size dog tag, adding to their visibility, making them ideal for larger-sized pups.

The tags also have a “no questions asked” policy, that if you are disappointed in any way, you will be entitled to get a new tag or refund.

In short:

  • Made from 100% silicone
  • Space for up to 6 lines of engraved text
  • Durable and silent
  • You’ll have your choice of 5 different base designs
  • Backed by a one-time, anytime warranty


  • These are pretty badass pet ID tags, which are perfect for large, active pups. Owners loved how the letters were embossed in the tag itself, ensuring that the vital information was always visible.


  • The soft, silicone rubber is not chew-proof so these may not be the best pick if you’re pooch has a tendency to gnaw on whatever he can get his paws on. Additionally, these tags take a little longer to ship than some others (it’ll take you about a week to get one).

4. io tags Pet ID Tags

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These sassy pet ID tags are ideal for smaller breeds and ideal for expressing your one-of-a-kind style.

Your pooch is sure to stand out with these glittery Pet ID tags in the crowd. The tags are custom-engraved with up to three lines of detail. You also have the luxury of getting your tag’s custom glow-in-the-dark silencer to improve visibility and keep your pooch free of jingles.

Each tag is made of ultra-thin and lightweight materials, so it won’t weigh down your dog as he does his day.

You will have these tags in 12 different colours with or without a silencer for optimum versatility.

In short:

  • Very colorful tags with glitter for extra bling
  • Available with optional, glow-in-the-dark silencer rings
  • Clear epoxy coating helps protect the tag
  • Space for up to 3 lines of text
  • Available in your choice of 12 colors


  • Dog owners loved the simplicity of this tag combined with the subtle glitter flair. The tag is lightweight, and the variety of colors available make this pet ID tag perfect for households with multiple pets.


  • Since these dog tags are only lasered and not engraved, some users found these pet ID tags a little more difficult to read.

5. License Plate Custom Dog Tags

These adorable license-plate themed dog tags by 1 Cute Pooch are perfect for keeping your pup safe while simultaneously showing off your state pride.

These sweet licence plate dog tags are sure to make your pup stick out in the crowd because you also have all the information you need to keep your fur baby safe.

These personalised dog ID plates include your dog’s photo, address, and any other contact details (maximum of five lines of text). As an added bonus, you’ve got extra space to put a small character trait or “microchipped” under your dog’s photo.

On the other side, the name of your dog is embossed in a licence plate type tag with the state of your choice. The backside of the tag was written upside down to make it easier to decipher when turned over.

These licence plate tags are valid to all 50 states, along with Guam, Puerto Rico and the provinces of Canada. The tags are available in one size, about 2 inches long and 1 inch wide.

In short:

  • Designed to match the official license plate of your state
  • Choose from any of the 50 states, as well as Guam, Puerto Rico or the Canadian provinces
  • Double-sided tags that feature your pet’s name on one side and contact info on the opposite
  • Space for 2 optional information lines on the back
  • Made from lightweight aluminum


  • These unique and fun tags are some of the few to include your pup’s full photo and five lines of text. Customers loved the design of these pet id tags and appreciated the tag’s large level of visibility.


  • Since these tags are made out of aluminum instead of stainless steel, some customers found them to be less durable, especially on active pups.

6. PINMEI Scannable QR Code Dog ID Tag

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The PINMEI Scannable Dog ID Tag is a versatile and stylish pet ID tag that leverages technology to make it easier for owners and pets to reunite.

At first glance, the PINMEI Scannable Dog ID Tag looks like a fancy pet tag. It is made of zinc oxide and finished with an epoxy finish to help preserve it and keep it looking fantastic.

However, upon closer inspection, you will find that this tag does not come with the kind of written information that is normal on most other dog tags. Instead, it actually includes an identification number, a lost pet hotline phone number, a web address, and a scannable QR code.

In short:

  • Made from zinc alloy and coated in epoxy for durability
  • Features several ways for people to look up your dog’s vital information and your contact information
  • Premium option available that notifies you whenever your pet’s tag is scanned
  • Available in four different versions


  • This is a fantastic option for owners of dogs who need to convey a lot of information to anyone who finds their dog, as you’re not limited by the space available on the actual tag.
  • Most owners found that it worked exactly as advertised, and helped them feel more confident in a happy reunion, should their dog ever run off or escape.


  • There aren’t many downsides to this tag, except that you can’t print any info directly on it. This shouldn’t be a problem, unless the person who finds your dog isn’t technically savvy enough to look up your dog’s info.

Final Thoughts:

One of the safest ways to keep your dog safe is to use a proper ID tag. Keep your pup safe with one of the above listed stylish picks.

The name tags of Dogs assist with that. When your dog gets missing, these name tags will help other people identify them and help them get back to you.

Our suggestions above are what we found are the Best Dog ID Tags available on the market. These are the Best Dog ID Tags to buy in every price range for you. We have analyzed each product and reviewed our best for the buyers.


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